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At Why Knot Fishing, one of our most crucial core values is promotion of youth fishing. We offer multiple opportunities for children to get their first look at fishing and learn new things about the sport through our #TakeAKidFishing initiative. We encourage all parents, caretakers, friends and family to add fishing to a child’s life - regardless of your knowledge or skill level. The sport can be approached as a mutual learning experience for all ages, acting as a platform to foster growth, education and dialogue across generations.

There are numerous benefits to getting kids involved with fishing as a recreation at a young age. As WKF Maine Captain Danielle Hinkley supports,it’s about far more than the fun memories - Children need role models who care enough to share a passion, set of values and love for the outdoors; “It’s not about the thrill of reeling in that huge fish - It’s not the satisfaction of getting that perfect fish-selfie… It’s the good values and life lessons you - as a responsible angler - can teach them. [My parents] showed me how to treat the fish and my surroundings with respect. They taught me to be patient and not get upset [if things didn’t go my way]”

Captain Jeff Lomonaco adds that “fishing teaches values, most notably mindfulness, individuality and self-reliance”, challenging older generations to be a positive influence, “do what you can […] you could be shaping someone’s future for the better just by doing the simple things”

Fellow WKF Captain Taylor Feuti echoes this sentiment, adding that, “the freedom fishing gave me to explore my world and learn new things was unmatched. Teaching kids about fishing, the ecosystems they use and fisheries management acts as a great investment for the future of the sport, as well as theirs”.

We could not agree more! If there is anything the Why Knot Fishing staff has learned throughout our fishing history of tournament success, global travels and fun-filled events, it’s that fishing is about far more than just catching fish.

”I learned as a kid fishing was something special […When I was young] my family moved to Brasil to start a home for abused and abandoned street children. Memories of patient and experienced volunteers teaching us how to build and fish a bamboo rod on small local streams, rivers, and lakes for payara, tambaqui, and any other species kind enough to be fooled by our imitations flood my mind….

As I reflect on these and countless other memories, I know I was intended to witness firsthand, how a positive influence, constructive activity such as fishing, and that strong sense of family can breathe new life into seemingly hopeless children. Just as I was intended to witness it in my youth, I know I am also intended to repay the favor in my adulthood.”

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